Group Showat Universidad Catolica de Chile - 2022

This year 2022, July,  I participated at a group show with my friends and classmate colleagues from Art School, students of Universidad Catolica de Chile at the same College in Santiago, Chile. A very successful show presented in several rooms at the Sala de Extension at the main campus, with the participation of works in Sculpture, Paintings, Drawings, Etchings, Installations and Watercolors. The speech from Artist Gonzalo Cienfuegos, and members of the organizers and Curator Cristian Silva. I am grateful and proud for this participation and the first time introduction of an Installation named The Cult, an acrylic figurative painting and drawing study. (see below images)


At Dacia Gallery, New York City 

I am happy to announce of my participation in the group show at Dacia Gallery in New York City,


where I have two oil paintings. If you happen to be in the city,

take some time off and visit a great show with very interesting works.

Eastern mysticism has been an important influence in my work as an intuitive creator. 

After 40 years of having a Spiritual discipline in Yoga and Meditation with related studies and practices, I learned healing methods as well as enhancing my perception into other aspects of the mind.

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This, which allowed me a deeper introspection into Consciousness and aspects of the Self, made an 

unavoidable influence and inspiration for creative venues such as artworks and musical compositions, arrangements and orchestrations (                                      ).